The E Cig Is The New Miracle Product

The E Cig Is The New Miracle Product

ecigsEvery so often product comes along that the public embraces wholeheartedly without any thought, because the product fits a need. It is a product that fits an unspoken need, or a need that seemed impossible due to an insurmountable problem that seemed to have no solution.

One thinks of television and air conditioning, two societal changing solutions to problems that people had, one in entertainment and the other in having a more agreeable climate in which to live. Of course the invention of the automobile changed society forever, and made the average human being more mobile and able to travel at will.

Possibly the next big thing is the e cig, or the electronic cigarette. This little device is taking the market by storm and is being received by the public in droves. Many tobacco smokers are quitting their tobacco habit in favor of the e cig, and with good reason.

The e cig is a device that resembles a real tobacco cigarette in looks, but it contains a phenol glycol eliquid that when heated, is atomized into a vapor that looks like and acts exactly like smoke from a cigarette. The user inhales and exhales the vapor, and for all practical purposes goes through all of the motions of smoking.

The difference is that he or she does not suffer from all of the derogatory effects to tobacco smoke. Tobacco smoke has over two hundred different chemicals that cause cancer. It also includes arsenic, which is a poison, cyanide, and formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is also a poison and causes cancer. The tar that tobacco smoke leave as a residue on the lungs, is a dark, sticky substance that causes cancer and destroys the alveoli, which are the transfer mechanisms for the exchange of oxygen from our lungs to our bodies into our blood stream.

There are over 165,000 annual deaths from lung cancer in the United States, and it is a documented fact that over 95 percent of those cases are caused by cigarette smoking. Is it any wonder that people are very happy about the alternative of e cigarettes.

This thing about how bad tobacco is for all of us goes way back about 60 years, when people started getting lung cancer, and they started blaming cigarette smoking. Before World War II, you didn’t hear much about lung cancer. If you look at pictures of people in the 40’s and 50’s, and even in the movies, you see everybody with a cigarette dangling out of their mouths. It was the thing to to smoke as it made you stylish and sophisticated. Then the cancer cases came in, and we’ve had them ever since. The e cig is a new direction, and people realize it.

Regulatory agencies are all in a huff now that this fad is really catching on, and they are saying that this product needs to be regulated so the public can be protected from this ‘unknown product.’ What they are really saying is that here is a new source of tax revenue, and we had better get to it sooner rather than later.

Whether the product get regulated or not, the public has spoken and they are flocking to this new adventure because it is fun and not dangerous at all. Now they can be sophisticated and discriminating, and have an ever growing group of products that seem to have no end to innovation and new twists. The colorful packaging and accessories make this a new preoccupation that can take their minds off the pressures of living and occupations.

Big tobacco is getting interested too, because the sales are cutting into their profits as smokers leave to embrace the e cigs, and the see a new market for them to utilize all of their advertising skills and networks, and they are very well funded to take this on.

Lolliard has already waded in with their recent purchase of Blu E cigs, an early leader in the electronic cigarette movement. The R.J. Reynolds company is already test marketing its own brand through its already established network.

The future for the e cig is bright and the only question to ask now, is how high will this trend go?

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